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Good reasons to insure your car with OQIC


It’s all about making it easy for you – We are Online!

We appreciate that you’re busy and most often don’t have time to worry about your insurances, let alone taking out time of a busy schedule to buy or renew your insurances.

With OQIC, you can get quotes, buy and renew all your personal insurances online, and you can even file your claims online too.

No need to navigate traffic, no need to look for parking and no need to wait in line – all is at your fingertips, at your convenience!


Our customer service is outstanding

OQIC’s call center is open Sunday through Thursday from 8am-10pm. Our trained customer service associates are ready to deliver the best service, so you can always count on OQIC to provide the service you need, when you need it.

The same passion for service can be found in our Branches and in our Head office.


Comprehensive car insurance - full cover

Comprehensive car insurance is the best option for you when you want your car to be fully covered. This insurance covers for all damages, even when you are at fault or when an accident happens with only you being involved. To know more about how you are covered, please refer to the policy wordings.

Comprehensive Car Insurance also covers

Fortuitous Accident – Collision or Overturning.

Fire – External Explosion – Self Ignition or Lighting.

Flood – Storm – Tempest – Cyclone.

Burglary or Theft.

Malicious act by any third party.

…and, it can be extended to cover damages caused when you’re travelling on non-paved roads and when you’re going off-road in the dunes – check our optional covers.

Policy wordings

Third party liability (TPL) insurance

This is the minimum insurance required to drive your car on public roads Without TPL (which is part of the comprehensive insurance) cover, you are by law not allowed to drive your car on public roads.

TPL insurance covers injuries or damage that you may cause upon others in case of an accident but does not cover any damage to your car or property or any injuries you may have following an accident.

Policy wordings

Optional cover

We acknowledge that every individual has different priorities. This is why we offer a wide range of additional covers to include more options for your car so that you get the cover to suit your needs.

All optional covers can be added to your comprehensive car insurance – and some, where mentioned, can be added to your Third Party Liability insurance too.

optional cover

Agency Repair

Repairs of your car will always be done at your car brand’s agency during the first year of its registration. However, after the first year, we may choose to repair it at a workshop we see fit for providing an equally good service. If you want to make sure that your car is always repaired at the agency, you need to add this to your comprehensive insurance.

optional cover

Depreciation of Spare Parts

As per Omani law, owners of cars which are more than a year old must pay a certain percentage of the spare parts used for claims repair. OQIC offers protection from this so you’ll never have to pay anything for the depreciation of spare parts (if you have Agency repair cover).

optional cover

Roadside Assistance – AAA CARD

Our Roadside Assistance cover gets you moving quickly. Apart from towing services, we also offer mechanical first aid, flat tyre, lock – out, fuel and battery services. This cover is applicable for non-accidental break downs only.

Roadside Assistance package comes in two versions, one that covers OMAN and the other that covers the UAE.

optional cover

Personal Accident Cover

The comprehensive insurance already covers you and the passengers in case of an accident. With the Personal Accident Cover, the benefits are extended even more.

optional cover

Geographical Area Extension

Under the above, OQIC can provide additional coverage for nominal premium when the insured vehicle is driven in the United Arab Emirates.

optional cover

Off-Road Cover

Many roads in Oman are still not paved and the standard comprehensive insurance does not cover your vehicle for accidents happening on non-paved roads such as access roads to the beach, construction sites etc. With the Off-Road cover, you are covered on such roads.